“La vita fugge, et non s’arresta una hora”

Francesco Petrarca (Canzoniere - CCLXXII)

Unstable equilibrium, frailty, corrosion, doubt, weightlessness, delicacy, transparency, transformation, flow of time.

These are the concepts that inspire my art.

What catches my interest is the precariousness of the world, everything is destined to disappear sooner or later: the objects that surround us, the lives that flow close to ours, all the living or inanimate things that change and modify their aspect until they become so fragile and corroded that are close to being lost forever.

All these aspects have an inner poetry, the beauty of the tension that rises from the will to survive to the passing of time.

I push the material to its limit and I make it a metaphor of my thoughts. Clay is the medium in which I can best represent my ideas.

It is a raw and malleable material that allows me to build irregular shapes, uncertain edges, wrinkled and transparent surfaces.

Foremost, the sources of my inspiration are found in nature: bones, the skeletal structure of leaves, fossils, geological deposits, but also in rusty objects or old posters with bleached prints; all that is so thin and deteriorated that it could crumble at a mere touch.

My artworks are aimed to catch that short instant between “being” and “not-being”. Objects that are so well-worn that they are near their end.